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Car Coolant System repairs, Wellingborough - Headlands Garage

When the fuel ignites in the cylinders, it produces a lot of heat energy. Most of this is used to force the piston down and turn the crankshaft, however, some heat is absorbed by the engine casing.

This causes the engine casing to heat up: if it becomes too hot, this can do real damage to your engine. The coolant system is used to transfer heat away from the engine, either in the car's heating system or out of the radiator. The coolant itself is a mixture of water and antifreeze. It is pumped around the cylinder block using a fan attached to the timing belt.


If the temperature of the coolant exceeds the maximum engine temperature, a valve opens and the coolant is circulated to the radiator. This transfers the heat to the exterior of the car, and the coolant is then re-circulated.

Because of the important role the coolant system plays in maintaining your engine, it is essential to make sure that your coolant tank is full enough.

The most common problems with the coolant system are leaking pipes or head gasket, and failing pressure caps. If you notice steam coming from the engine, or the engine is overheating then it's vital to bring your car for a check.

Faults with the coolant system can cause huge damage to the engine in the long run: at Headlands, if you think there might be a problem with the coolant then we will run a number of checks, including a pressure test which is used to check for leaks and faulty pressure caps.

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